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It all began back on the farm.

The beginings of Turpentine Consumption come from another band that died in stillbirth, Jesus Death Machine. The original plan was to creat an avant-garde percusion group. This was going to be made up of Jason Rodgers and Phill Provencher. The day we decided to do this project we went down to the dump to look for scrap metal. Clinton Degan came along since he had nothing better to do. The trip to the dump was unsuccessful, though we did get a purple sports coat for our friend Shawn. When we got home we looked at a mini-amp from when Jason first began playing guitar. This amp had the most disgusting distortion you will ever hear. We later went to Degan's house and fooled around with using the mini-amp's distortion along with another more decent sounding distortion. The results were making the guitar into pure fuzz. You could rarely hear any notes coming from it, just a variable buzzing. Degan played drums while Jason played guitar, recording the resuslts on a four track. The results was a noise jam that was more then anything we'd either done, though it looks primitive now that we look back.

After a few jams we named ourselves Turpentine Consumption. Jay soon made bussiness cards out of boredom and began leaving them in random places for the hell of it.

By May '99 we had recorded enough material to warrant a demo. This was called "Senate OK's Restriction" The cover featured a random picture found in the newspaper of a politicians large chin. This album was dedicated to all "Post-Industrial Societal Suicides."

On July 2nd we played a show on WJUL 91.5, Lowell, Mass. The resident electronic experimental DJ, Deftly D, was puting on the High Voltage Circumsision live. We also participated in the improv group Catastrophe Orchestra, which is made up of anyone who would like to play at that moment. Check out Deftly's web site Voidstar Productions for more info.

For some time we did not play, nor record much at all. We almost had a show set up at a masonic temple in Milford, NH, but we were shut down, due to offensive flyers, threatening those who didn't plan on going. Besides, the date turned out to be Good Friday. We ended up playing one of the last shows to happen at the Voix, in Lowell. This was at an industrial festival that was being put on, featuring mostly darkwave. The reaction was of course fun to see. Down the street we were told there was a state Democratic convention going one, and our set was certainly loud enough to be heard there.

The next few shows we played at were some punk shows, where we certainly didn't fit in, never mind that we went out of our way to taunt the '77 punk rawk types. Fun Fun.

The first show we played in New Hampshire was in June of 2001, at a Catholic church down the street from Degan's house. We certainly could not pass up this chance. It turned out to be a wonderful operation in sonic assualt. A group of 13 year old girls left before our set because of the level of pain inflicted on their ears. Some in tears. I suppose that was the best introduction to the show, as by the end of the last band members of the audience had smashed the bathroom wall, and a few tables. Needless to say, there hasn't been another show.

After all this time of rarely playing shows in August of 2001 we began a series of shows at Sydney's in Lawerence, MA. It seemed so strange at first, this being a sports bar. But they continued hosting Drum and Noise shows with numerous experimental bands playing. We began to gain almost an acceptance here. As of this writing I'm not sure how much longer the shows will continue here. Hopefully for a bit more. It's rare that you find a bar that will host this sort of scene.

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